Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day with Her

I hated to be gone for Father's Day. But I was on the road with the twins (it's always for hockey). And Captain is staying home since he has to work this week. But I gave him some nice presents:
* cologne, which I learned is called "Seven" though the name looked like Pi to me, which seemed perfect for my college sweetheart since I was a Pi Phi gal;
* houndstooth sport coat, which was just the right brand, and size, and also a bargain on eBay -- so I splurged and bought a designer shirt and this
tie as well;

* time with Meggar. This was really a gift from her. She had lots of time with me in May so it was special to see she what she could do with a little daddy-daughter time. On Saturday, they took Spencer and Dorito to Oklahoma Joe's for BBQ. He admitted it was the best he has ever tasted! They took some take-out over to Grandpa Don, too.
This morning, Meggar treated her Dad to a big breakfast by the pool (what he loves) and the conventional soap-on-a-rope (what every dad "loves").
They also spent time at the Jowler Creek Winery. I heard they had plenty of time to joke, tell stories, and talk about important and not-so-important things over wine and cheese. Did you know that Dads like to hear the scoop as much as Moms?! Fabulous. We all find Spencer fitting comfortably into this "picture." He is living in St. Louis this summer with his parents and spoiling Meggar with date nights, co-ed volleyball games, and a listening ear for those stressful days of nannying four little ones.

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