Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happier than a Geico Commercial

Dorito told us on Family Night that he is absolutely loving his time on Camp Geiger staff. He said, "It feels like I never want to leave this place." He works at the pool for the mile swim at 6:00 a.m. two out of the four eligible mornings each week. Plus he teaches two groups for swimming merit badge. And he has to help give swim tests to all the boys on Sunday afternoon to determine if they are allowed in the deep end any time during the week. He told us how he had to save two boys this week: one could not swim at all though he had bragged he could, and one boy just got panicked because when he jumped in the deep end he went a lot deeper than he expected! The life of a lifeguard ...

Plus Dorito is in the Geico Commercials! (sorry my photo didn't come out clear enough). Last night at Campfire, he wore his western gingham shirt and played his mandolin for three spoofs on the Geico Commercial which starts out: "Are you happy saving 15% or more on car insurance?" except they said: "Are you happy at Camp Geiger?" We LOVED it, and Lucas said he laughed hardest at the middle one where Dorito quips: "Happier than Tony Sasso with an interpreter!" Tony is the Austrailian camp director :-)
Just for fun... we like the Geico commercial with Niklaus Backstrom shooting 15 goals in 15 seconds! Awesome!

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