Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Twins Have Left the House

I am completely alone for the next three or four days. Captain is on an 8-day trip, Meggar is interning in St. Louis, Dorito started Camp Staff yesterday, and the twins left for Boy Scout Camp this afternoon. It's never happened like this before. I might even have caffeinated tea to celebrate!
(I'm certainly not going to force myself to do anything as difficult as writing about our decision to leave BSA right after camping season. The new "gay youth" rule doesn't take effect until January 1, but we will be leaving before then. On principle. Not fear.)
Here's the staff photo. (Dorito is fourth from the left; much taller than short Rosenak on the right side of him.)
Staff is a BIG, BIG deal. You have to have a 20-year medicine man father to get in. But the need for a lifeguard and the fact we have a pool helps! Winger told him, "Don't let this change who you are." Meaning don't get too big for your britches. But we are talking about Dorito, who is the humblest and most kind person I've ever met. I'm so glad he gets this honor of all the little guys looking up to him.
Here's the Troop 216 photo. The twins are middle row and serve as Troop Guides for the "first years," and they will have their hands full--making sure tents are clean, flaps are down durint the rain, they find all six classes on the first day, dress in Class A uniforms for meals, and have fun with the water balloon war, etc.

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