Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hockey Showcase in Nashville

The twins worked their tails off. From eight in the morning until eight at night.
The Elite Edge hockey camp in Nashville was mandatory for all TPH Thunder players, and these past four days gave us a chance to meet more teammates and parents. It was also a showcase for the Junior teams (pre-college-league) from all over the nation. That's where my twins hope to land in the future, so this was full-tilt excitement. In between ice times, the 12 teams (with 20 players each) rotated through fitness stations, team-building exercises, conditioning competitions, and information sessions.
They heard from former players in the NCAA, scouts from the USHL, and the league commissioner of the NAHL. They played their tails off too. Luckily, both my boys were on the same team. Their white squad won the Championship game today for their age division. Pretty fun to win 6-3, 7-2, 11-2, and 12-3.
Plus Ben was named to the All-Star Team (top six out of 80) by Bauer. We know that Winger actually had more hustle, but his twin scored more goals, so it's understandable. Overall, we were impressed with the whole program as it was handled so professionally from start to finish. More than once, I heard people complimenting the fact that my twins were "putting on a show" the way they created offense and set up goals by passing to each other! Their coaches for the week were from Youngstown State University and Yale University and made them truly excited to strive for their future through strength, skill, and scholarship.

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