Saturday, June 29, 2013

Another Trip to St. Louis

I spent three days this week in St. Louis with Meggar. She had the four Mackie children 24/7 while their mom was out of town, and I went to lend a helping hand. Good thing I did! Together we managed to cook and clean plus go to the pool every day, but not much else. On Thursday, we took everyone to Magic House on behalf of the Downs Syndrome Guild. Fun museum--with many upgrades since we were there last. We enjoyed the storytelling and music making areas!
Then on Friday, their grandparents came to take them for the weekend. (Whew!) Meggar and I certainly enjoyed our bit of alone time. We went to Trader Joe's and a couple shoe stores (cute finds). We went to a flea market at a Catholic Church (good finds). We made chicken fajitas and talked to the endocrinologist where Meggar was referred. He thinks her thyroid is still swollen (though less than before) and ordered a sonogram for next week. Then I drove home last night with my book on tape.

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