Monday, June 24, 2013

Turning 18 and Labeled as Adult

The first thing Dorito did at 6 a.m. this morning was move to a different cabin. Adults in Boy Scouts of America cannot tent with youth. He "officially" became an adult at midnight, so Dorito moved all his things to the bunk house (where he will finish living the remaining weeks at Camp Geiger with 14 other staffers). At 10 a.m., we arrived at the pool house with a cookie cake. It was a perfect break between classes, but I'm sure it didn't last long.
The staff gave him a bear hug. Andrew made him a purple and white lanyard to go with his purple and white survivor bracelet. Meggar gave him purple shorts from H&M store and purple shoe laces. Winger is making him an "EMAW" beaded band. Polar Bear made leather cuffs for Mic-o-Say which he sewed himself on my sewing machine. And we gifted Dorito with a manly dresser box (handmade by Sandalwood in St. Joseph).

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