Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Aesthetically Pleasing

I like the aesthetically pleasing "treats" that happen in the midst of summer:
   - iced tea in a real glass -- plus the tinkling of plenty of ice and a bit of sweetness added with a long, antique-silver spoon (I especially like the Blueberry Mojito blend from Teavana);
   - the smell of dust blowing across the just-harvested wheat fields in southern Kansas (of course, there is always dust because the wind is always blowing);
   - adult popsicles (I happen to love the coconut fruit bars from Blue Bell, and I just discovered they also come in a chocolate-dipped variety);
    - chick flicks on NetFlix (try "Alchemy," or "Love's Kitchen," or "Possession," or "North and South")
    - sleeping in past 7 a.m. with extra pillows and cool sheets because all the boys are gone for a few days.

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