Thursday, July 18, 2013

And Then There Were None

"This is what grace truly looks like," said Abby Johnson, director of a ministry called And Then There Were None (which has helped 60 other workers leave the abortion industry over the last year).
Today the 40 Days for Life campaign announced the closure of the Planned Parenthood Clinic in College Station, Texas! This is an incredible answer to 15 years of prayer! What a significant turn of events and a blessing to the faithful!
Campaign director Shawn Carney said: "As the birthplace of 40 Days for Life and the place where Abby Johnson resigned after eight years working for America's largest abortion chain, this is a huge victory for the entire pro-life movement! Peaceful and prayerful local opposition to abortion is ending abortion from the grassroots up."
Since this is where "it all began" for David Bereit, I wanted to blog aboutt his success story. I was captivated reading Abby's autobiography so I knew how David reached out to hear in kindness and compassion and understanding. For five year. She was confused by the abortion-minded rhetoric of her employer, yet compelled to respond to a loving Christian organization that quietly witnessed on the sidewalks -- rain or shine.
Since 2004, the 40 Days for Life Campaign has grown into a worldwide pro-life mobilization of 575,000 volunteers in 501 cities (including our own Kansas City); saving 7,546 babies from abortion, closing 37 abortion centers, and helping 83 workers to quit their jobs in the abortion industry. Today is another signal of hope -- for mothers, for babies, for fathers, and for all of us fighting for the Culture of Life!

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