Sunday, July 21, 2013

Turning 21

Last week was Meggar's 21st birthday, and although I was disappointed not to be there for her blowing-out-the-candles scene, she had several special events with friends:
Monday = she waited up until midnight to go to the neighborhood bar, where they did NOT card her?!  (How anti-climactic!)
Tuesday = she and Spencer had a fancy dinner atop a downtown St. Louis Hotel with another couple.
Saturday = she celebrated with a cookout for her friends around the backyard pool. She made burgers and dogs, cucumber salad, carrot-and-celery cups, chips and dip, pasta salad, as well as hot fudge pie with ice cream.
Mid-August = Captain and I are taking her and college friend Lois on a birthday trip to Napa Valley for four days at a bed-and-breakfast with wine tasting, shopping, and relaxation.
Presents from the "adult" world = Vera Bradley pajamas, Starbucks gift card, bottle of champagne and flutes, book, tea caddy, fancy necklace, wine guide, airline ticket.

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