Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy News

It was our anniversary last night, so I waited up for Captain to return from his Mon-Sunday voyage. We celebrated with two slices of pie at Perkins about 11:36 pm. Just under the wire. It was a happy hour of laughing and reminiscing about the week and about the last 23 years.
This morning he is gone on another trip for work, but I awoke to some good news....
Everyone is placing bets on the name. Maybe they will name her Elizabeth (Captain's mother has a birthday today)! Maybe Diana/Charles for middle name? Maybe a future queen? Surely going to be a cute baby, given the Momma!
(Funny story: During my first week in London in 1988, I wandered into a "bookmaker" because I was exploring and I expected Jane Austen hardbacks, but I got more than I "wagered" for.)

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