Monday, July 1, 2013

The Longest Mile

#1 - Captain has been walking a fine line (aka tight rope) at work recently. Last Friday, he had to fire an employee whom he caught making unauthorized purchases. Today was filled with changing passwords, cleaning out the desk, reporting to the CEO and company attorney, etc. It's stressful to be the head of your department. Especially when you have a kind heart and want to think the best of other people.  It was nice to see how the twins stepped in with humor this evening to ease the burden!
#2 - Meggar also had a long row to hoe with her summer jobs. She found out there is another wedding planner intern getting to do the fun stuff. And she decided to stand up to the single mother she babysits for and refuse to be the substitute mom for her little kids nearly 70-75 hours each week. Meggar has been there for practically every waking moment for these kids during first 6 weeks of summer. She made great money, but the "cost" was weighing heavily on her. She doesn't like conflict, but gave her notice last week and worked her final day Friday. Today she happily started her new nanny positions for two different families: one on Mondays and Fridays, and the other family on T-W-Th.
#3 - Reid crashes all day Saturday and still sleeps all night. Goes to mass with us on Sunday morning and then heads back to Camp Geiger. He claims he is having the best time working 90 hours/week. He will try to take off an hour today to renew his driver's license.
Better days ahead.

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