Friday, March 21, 2014

Daily Mass and a Sense of Peace

Playmaker announced on Ash Wednesday that he was going to daily mass for Lent. Plus he has been adding weekly confession to his schedule. His decision was reinforced by Father Haake issuing the daily mass challenge to his parishioners. What a bonus that daily mass is part of the activities this week at the Father Beiting Appalachian Mission Center. The Fraternus boys are volunteering as painters for poor families in Louisa, Kentucky. We are thrilled that they are listening to the Word of God and seeing the face of God, too.
Captain and I visited Our Lady of Guadalupe parish this morning, where Fr. Christian has moved daily mass into the main sanctuary. And the attendance has doubled. What a great message he gave today. The first reading was part of the story of Joseph from the Old Testament. It reminded us that life is part of a bigger picture, and jealous emotions can fuel brothers to seek revenge. By reflecting on the courage of Joseph, our own family can swallow hard and move forward by choosing forgiveness instead of revenge or anger over the events of October and December. Spending so much quality time together has brought greater peace to my husband and I. Even though our faith is a large part of our philosophy and it remains seemingly strong, we are grateful to have been given this time to heal the hurt feelings.

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