Thursday, March 27, 2014

Front of the Line

Dorito was so excited that he called to tell us about his iCat pass. Last year, they sold out before being offered to any freshmen. He was so bummed that he had to buy a student general admission ticket for his first K-State football and basketball season. (Some students do that because it is cheaper.) $60 cheaper. But we are talking about a serious Wildcat fan here. He signed up first thing on Monday. With his new iCat pass, Dorito will get to be seated in the front sections for both basketball and football, he will receive a free t-shirt at the beginning of each sport, and he pockets a free ticket to the spring football scrimmage on April 25. This is a reason to cheer.
Throwback Thursday--Dorito in 2010
Back in the day, Captain and I camped out for the very FIRST iCat passes (1987). We also got a free t-shirt. But we only paid $20 as the acronym stood for "I Contributed a Twenty," but the meme was later stolen by Apple for its iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. Don't you think?!

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