Sunday, March 23, 2014

Negative Review of Jackson Stables

We have nothing good to say about Jackson Stables Winery in Kirksville. We wanted to host a reception there for our daughter's Senior Piano Recital next month. This was going to be her graduation party! We tried to visit (knocked on the door). They were apparently still closed for winter months in March. We left three phone messages--each with greater detail. No answer. Then I sent an email inquiring about our selected date (since it was shown as being available on their website). When they replied that the date was available, I emailed back--within five minutes--asking about charges, linens, glassware, china, etc. But then no reply. After three days, I resent my email inquiry. After three more days, Nicole Long wrote back to me saying the date was taken by someone else! No first right of refusal? No call to verify that we were still interested? This was so unprofessional, and I was shocked by the poor customer service, so I have decided to publish this review that others might beware. I think word-of-mouth reputation is important, and things could have been "resolved" more politely, especially given that we had already had invitations printed. Starting over with reception locations....

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