Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ownership and Stewardship

I was thinking about the right to ownership and the right to usage this weekend. It started with an article I'd read on a Catholic blog, but I peruse so many that I cannot recall which one or who to quote... I knew that it was time to stop owning so many homeschool books. I have the right to own them, but I figure it is also wise to exercise stewardship and allow them to be used by other people now. Of course, I have shelves and shelves (and more shelves) about the house. Sheepishly I must admit that I still possess all the preschool and kindergarten books I started with on Meggar's path from 1996 onward. (Sentimental me.) I tried to part with them once the twins were done with kindergarten. Seemed logical. But was impossible because I was too busy with teenagers. Anyone with multiple teenagers knows what I mean. They require a Mom to lose as much sleep as a nursing toddler does, and they have the same endless stream of energy.
So I looked at my house for sale, and I saw with new eyes the stacks of books actually overflowing the shelving units in several rooms. There are books for every grade on up through high school. Plus my college level reading on Third World women, Catholic spirituality, and then all the books from monthly book clubs.
I've started parsing. There will be a book sale this week. At homeschool co-op and likely any other used book event I can find in the Kansas City area. It will be a good thing. Kind of like the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge. I'm up to my 12th box so far (sorted by subject, historical time period, or grade level).

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