Saturday, March 15, 2014

OHL Cup News

Only 20 teams are invited to the end-of-season showcase called the OHL Cup. The top AAA teams from Ontario Canada have to qualify, although there were also three Wild Cards and TPH Thunder was invited. The OHL sponsors the Cup for its final look at U15 Prospects before the draft. So it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, this year for all 98 hockey players. Including my Sniper (Polar Bear) and Playmaker (Winger). Here is my report:
There were scouts watching from the upper bleachers. Quite a few. The rink was packed with spectators, too.
Overall, Thunder won two and lost two, so they just missed advancing to the quarter finals from round-robin play. Their second game was the worst they have ever played (no carbs at lunch), and Twin #1 got smashed into the boards by player who is considered to go #1 the draft from Toronto (Adam Mascherin of the Vaughan Kings named Greater Toronto Hockey League Player of the Year).
But the best game came yesterday afternoon against Whitby, who happened to be ranked #3 in Canada. Captain and I love it when the other team has fast skaters, because then our twins will skate and think faster. I heard they took their twin-telepathy into high gear with the other-David as their new linemate. My "Playmaker" scored in the first period to tie the game at 1-1. It was a sweetly feathered back-door pass from his brother that he hammered into the net.
Then Jakubowski scored and put Thunder up 2-1, but Whitby tied again right away.
Midway through the third period, the twins stepped up for a 2v1 breakaway. My "Sniper" pulled wide, and passed it over to "Playmaker" early in the offensive zone. Captain reminded me of the Tic-Tac-Toe passing they used to create with Dane. Similarly, these quick passes causes the defense to change from backchecking to forechecking. With perfect timing, Playmaker sent it quickly back to Sniper--right betweent the skates of the defenseman. With no chance to lay on the ice, the defenseman is out of ways to block the shot now. There's only Sniper against the goalie. He lifted it powerfully into the back of the net. His scoring was the go-ahead point. Thunder won this game 3-2 against Whitby, and most teams don't go home after a big win. But it was worth it.
Sniper was named MVP of the game by the coaches. An honor he should share with you-know-who. He was awarded an OHL duffle bag in this photo, and everyone claps their sticks on the ice to congratulate him. Do you think he will share the bag with his twin?! I'm happy how they gave a team effort.
An OHL radio announcer did a 5-minute interview with Sniper after the game. He said his favorite player is Vladamir Tarasenko (Blues rookie of the year in 2013).

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