Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Looking at Careers

Meggar is home for spring break and continuing to apply for jobs (to support herself until the sideline of Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Events becomes profitable). She could always be a nanny again, but she hopes for a hotel or event planning position. She didn't get the Symphony marketing job last month. But she went to the Career Fair at Truman last week and managed to network with several other St. Louis employers. Target wanted to put her on their interview list, but it was for relocating to another state so she declined. Then Stephen Ministries called her for a phone interview, and she passed up to the next level. They will hold job-site interviews later this week!

Meanwhile, she had a photo session in her senior recital gown as well as took a few professional head-shots for her blog and job interviews.
At the other college, Dorito excelled at the Career Fair too. He was probably the only freshman to show up in a coat-and-tie with resumes in hand. But he had done his research on the internet and talked to a handful of companies about summer internships. Happily, Northwestern Mutual put him on their phone interview list because of his Boy Scout awards. He passed the phone interview last week and finished an online survey this week. He didn't make the final cut, but we are still impressed by his early endeavors into the "real world."

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