Sunday, March 16, 2014

Road Trips Give Us a Break

The twins left yesterday for spring break with their Nashville youth group. A group of 10 guys from Fraternus are heading to a Catholic mission in the Appalachian Mountains to work repairing the homes of the poor. Sniper and Playmaker are excited for the daily mass and rosary, too. This will be a good Lenten retreat (as they will give up their cell phones for the entire week). Thanks to a few relatives who sponsored their expenses.
Dorito is driving down to Louisiana with a couple of Phi Kaps, who are visiting a P.A. school with Mason and then stopping at Galveston beach and Corpus Christi. He is planning to show the other two how to eat crawfish. Brotherhood is such a good way to celebrate time off from mid-terms.
Meggar is headed back to school now that her spring break has ended. She spent her time applying for "real" jobs and promoting her Mr & Mrs Wedding Events at churches and bridal shops.
Captain and I are plenty busy (in this quiet house) with the details about moving forward. It is difficult to let go of anger and resentment when "life" has been unfair and remains uncertain.

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