Thursday, February 2, 2012

Calligraphy Skills

I have finished writing the names on all 40 certificates for tomorrow's Science Fair. I'm always grateful to have learned calligraphy when I was in 7th grade. It's a fun skill, and I still have my original pen, nibs, and ink bottle. I wish I could remember the older gentleman's name who taught our small group after school. Maybe I am a bit nostalgic for this pretty practice because it involves the hand-written word (a rarity in our times of electronic communication). Once you learn the basic strokes, then it just takes practice and practice to make calligraphy your own. Similar to cursive handwriting, which is no longer taught in many schools because of budget cuts and time pressures. Hmm....
My other preparations for the Science Fair include: contacting 14 volunteer judges, printing 80 judging sheets, collating for clipboards, making homemade brownies for the judges, reminding the speaker to come early to set up, getting the key from church office, picking up 40-some prizes (some donated) for all students, and last but not least -- helping my own three students proofread and practice their speeches. Good Luck Boys!

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