Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Downton Abbey-style Valentine cards

Although I didn't see these until the day after... it was too funny not to share. The kids had a "snow day" on Monday, so Captain and I went on NetFlix to re-watch parts of the first season of Downton Abbey. Another Downton Abbey fan made these valentine cards for his blog...

Valentine Abbey

A few weeks ago my wife and I caught on to Downton Abbey, and she can’t seem get enough. I’ve been hearing background on the cast, the fashion, and the time period ad nauseum while my wife imdbs/tumblrs/wikipedias everything about the show. This isn’t a problem of course since I too, LOVE, this show.  So yesterday, I drew up 4 Downton-themed cards for her as we prep for a Valentine weekend involving another Downton marathon!

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