Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lincoln-Reagan Days

Just when you think I might be weary of the government, a couple of stump speeches come along and rejuvinate my political blood. The local Republicans always celebrate Lincoln's birthday with a banquet. Captain went with me, and we sat with the Schiebers. First of all, I like the fact that Missouri has term limits. It leads to candidates such as history teachers, military-service-turned entrepreneurs and small-business owners. Real people who pay attention while they are paying their taxes. Next, I like the humor-- when it's honest: Todd Akin said, "I joined the Tea Party in fourth grade," which made me recall Mrs. Leddy dividing us into a House and Senate for fourth grade just before the 1976 elections. Lastly, I may not know who will win in November, but I certainly know the issues I will be working for and voting for with my ballot.

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