Monday, February 6, 2012

Have a Bucket List?

When the movie made it popular, I wrote my own bucket list for Captain. He kept it from four years ago and sent me an email:  He is my hero.

To: Candise
We accomplished #9 on your bucket list.....

Subject: bucket list beginnings 
  1. Put all my photos in albums
  2. Turn in Megan’s high school grades
  3. Take a painting class at Hobby Lobby
  4. Take a cooking class at a culinary institute
  5. Go to the Twinsburg Festival (in Ohio)
  6. Visit Clear Creek Monastery (Okla.
  7. Have Dale “propose” all over again at pond Shantivanam
  8. Tour Jane Austen’s house in Chawton (England)
  9. Tour the Denver Mint
We did visit the Denver Mint on our family vacation this winter! Other family vacations have included: Mount Rushmore, Galveston, Pikes Peak, Ft. Lauderdale, and Minneapolis Mall of America, so I wonder what "attraction" will be next. I vote for Twinsburg, but cousin Laurie and Tom are pulling for us to come to Giant's Neck Beach in Connecticut.

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