Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Complaints from the Kitchen

I love baking, don't get me wrong. But I get tired of "school lunch." Every day, I struggle to tear away from the school room to come upstairs and think of what to make -- a meat, noodles or rice, and a vegetable. That's the minimum. It means three dirty pots, which have to be washed before I turn around and do it again at supper. I need some new ideas...


April said...

"TV dinners", but with a twist. I got a bunch of rubbermade type divided plates with lids that were freezer safe (similar to the old fashoned tv dinners from when we were kids). We put leftovers in them and in the freezer they go. Several times a week we pull them out for lunch. Since they are normally in the freezer a couple weeks before we pull them out, its more appealing than eating leftovers from just a day or two.
Label each with a wax pencil with the contents, and each kid picks fixes their own--in the microwave. Sometimes as we fill them the girls will go ahead and put their name on them to reserve it.
Just add pudding or jello or a side salad and you are ready to go.

Lesa said...

Try this website...


It hasn't solved the problem of the 'lunch surprise' but it has given me some great ideas for meals in general, not just lunch. Hope this helps!