Sunday, February 26, 2012

Family Memorial on the Bucket List

Captain and I decided that our weekend definitely fulfills #10 on the Bucket List. Its spot was previously empty - but the plan has been in the back of our minds for years. We have tried to visit Cousin Marie and Paul before, but it was too far off the path. And we have tried to stop in the middle of Iowa at the Fritz Family Memorial Chapel, but were often in too much of hurry to squeeze it in. (read more history at the link)

My great-great-great grandfather came to America with his wife and six children. "Matthias, being a very devout Catholic, made a vow to God that if God gave his family safe passage to America, he would show his gratitude by erecting a chapel that would endure as long as the stone it would be built of."  
He was a stone mason, and his little chapel is sturdy yet beautiful. Plus, he carved the cross for the altar by hand.

What a great pilgrimage for us to make during Lent! We were able to sign the visitor's book--which is kept inside the letterbox holder on the wall near the Virgin Mary. Uncle Clint has been here previously. We all hope to return and attend the biennial summer reunion here.

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