Friday, February 17, 2012

In the Overall Scream of Things

As chaperone to my three teenage boys and their two friends, I considered myself lucky to have heeded the warning and taken ear plugs to the "Winter Jam" concert tonight. After four or five warm-up groups, there were still two or three main groups leading up to the grand finale with "Skillet," (self-proclaimed heavy metal band for ADHD Christians). Lots of lights, smoke, fireworks, rising platforms, spinning drum set, electric violin, and NOISE until nearly midnight. I don't go for the screaming, but their showmanship was impressive. Earlier in the evening, I enjoyed Paul Fuller, Sanctus Real, and the acts on the mellow side of Christian music. And I was pleasantly surprised by the pro-life commercials at intermission on the jumbo-tron. Dorito has attended before and saw several of his friends in the crowd.

Winger and Polar Bear were thrilled with their first "big-time" concert and bought Skillet's T-shirts!

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