Thursday, February 9, 2012

Downton Abbey Dreams

I called Meggar early (she has 7:30 am class twice a week) to tell her that I had the best dream: it was all in British accents! Even my own conversations! She said I've been watching too much Downton Abbey :-) It's true that I can hardly wait for Captain to come home each weekend so we can watch the previous episode together. He's more hoooked on the story than last year. Today, PBS sponsored an online chat today with Hugh Bonneville, which I regret missing out on. But I did go on the PBS website to the Masterpiece page to watch several short-snippet interviews with each main character. Then I voted for the good (Mr. Bates and Anna) and the bad (O'Brien) amongst them. Like one blogger commented: Why can't Richard trip and fall in front of a truck or something? Most of all, I adore Maggie Smith. She has the timing and the changing facial features that make her parts Excellent! Once during college, I had the chance to see her live on a stage play in New York City. She was old then (and that was 25 years ago), but already known  for her excellent timing and pithy delivery.

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