Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Civil War Songs & Stories

"The Fiddlers Three" brought their Civil War songs and stories to the East Hills Library for a free community performance on Monday evening. There was a good crowd who asked thoughtful questions. Winger has been working hard on two songs to add the mandolin, and he sounded great! (no photo unfortunately.) Dorito played all the fancy fills and mordunds. Polar Bear now can play the fast melody on "Irish Washerwoman." It seems they have been more motivated, since meeting "Marian Grace," and they want to learn new fiddle music. Hope to start on "By the Mark" for our next show. The sacrifice of skipping Boy Scouts tonight was rewarded with more than $100 in tips! (This is only the second time in our four-year history that people have given us tips--what a pleasant surprise. We used the money to go out for dinner at Olive Garden afterwards.)

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