Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Book Club Looks at Kate Chopin

Kate Chopin was a New Orleans writer who also loved Chopin music. (I don't think she was related to the pianist/composer.) Yet, how clever for Constance to bring her iPad speakers and play her favorite Nocturnes while we all enjoyed hors de ouvres and tea at the start of book club. It's been a long while since Meggar was able to join us at the library, and I was pleased this short novel enabled her to finish the reading during her week-long college break and participate in our discussions. "The Awakening" is well written with a prominent bird motif, but I must say that I liked the music and food best of all. There was crawfish, file gumbo, and shrimp jambalaya. We always have a lively discussion, and it's delightful to compare and contrast with authors we have previously featured. Constance was well versed as the discussion leader and had some great handouts. She even brought calling cards for us to decorate.

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