Saturday, November 10, 2012

College Update on Meggar

We love to get calls from Meggar!  Today her update came after a 3-hour Choir rehearsal and before going to Saturday evening Mass with Spencer. Then later, they are going to the Winter Formal Dinner and Dance. I hope to get a picture as I'm sure she came up with pretty dress and hairdo. Tomorrow, she is looking forward to the Choir concert, and she will play piano accompaniment for one or two of those songs. Also, she is in charge of the AGD Thanksgiving Dinner Sunday evening. She bought three turkeys and coached the volunteer cooks on preparation. Here is the invitation she designed:
She asks everyone to bring side dishes, and she has a few volunteers who are cutting out leaves for use as napkin rings. Then after the meal, she has a motivational speaker on Gratitude = Grateful Attitude. Plus each girl can write what they are thankful for and add their leaf to the tree decorating the front wall. Meggar plans to transfer the colorful Grateful Tree to the Chapter Room for the remainder of the week before Thanksgiving break.
Perhaps this year of serving as AGD Vice President can count as a minor in event planning?!

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Sarah said...

She is amazingly talented - just like her mother : )