Monday, November 26, 2012

Folklore and Aspects of Mic-O-Say

Meggar is doing a class presentation tomorrow for her English Folklore class. Her research paper was about the Tribe of Mic-O-Say, and she conducted several interviews last month during her fall break. She interviewed Tom-Tom Beater Northern Spirit (Dorito's tribal name) as well as Colton Zirkle, Bob Brown, her twin brothers, and other Scout leaders.
The main idea of modern folklore is to show ways in which stories and traditions are passed along to the next generation in person rather than written down or recorded. The Tribe is a perfect subject as they have many secret ceremonies and songs which follow a ritualized schedule. The initiation process (naming) and advancements (costume additions) keep my young men energized and interested in participation. Dorito is even on the "Make Talk Now" staff which runs a website for all Tribesmen to keep up to date on the events. Recently, the twins even skipped hockey practice to attend their third dance practice and third public dance -- which earned them a Yellow Coup to wear on their bear claw necklace. Oh my! The importance of it all.

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