Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wearing the Stripes

Dorito worked as the head official for the first time in a JV hockey game, and he did great!! He skated fast, stayed focused, and didn't get rattled by coaches asking questions or Dads pounding on the glass and cussing at him. It's only house hockey, so it isn't the fast pace of watching the twins play AAA games for crying out loud! (Even I saw the hand pass.) Yes, I tagged along so he would have some moral support, but he didn't need any. His 6' 2" frame keeps him head and shoulders above everyone in the game anyway. His calm demeanor allows him to focus on the plays and make the right calls when he sees them--not what he thinks might be fair. The pay is pretty good, too: $40 for Level 3 head official, and $30 for Level 3 linesman. Dorito reffed four games yesterday. Nice job, Stripes!

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