Sunday, November 25, 2012

More and More Paperwork

The biggest part of finishing your Eagle Scout rank is the paperwork! The twins needed a budget, a fundraising letter, itemized expense sheet (per screw and bolt), list of safety tips, explanation of the benefits, and a long paper written about their leadership, talents, goals, and life purpose statement.
Tomorrow is Scout meeting and the chance for a Scoutmaster Conference to sign and approve all of it. So the emotions are high. It didn't help when the computer lost 6-8 pages of Polar Bear's report. Last week, Winger lost a similar amount, but on a different computer. Those fillable PDFs are a bear to work with! We are checking and double checking (and getting letters of recommendation).

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Lesa said...

Winger and Polar Bear have done a fine job and I hope their Scout Leader and the Board of Review see their hard work too. Boo hiss for the computer eating their hard work on the paperwork! So frustrating!

By the the new photo of you on the blog! Lovely!