Friday, November 30, 2012

Some Surprises

*We have determined that two of my garden flags and posts were stolen from our front yard! I thought the boys had moved them to mow/mulch the leaves... sad.
*Warm temperatures meant Dorito got called in for extra hours at work! The golf course reported that 30 carts were in use this afternoon which needed cleaning and driven back to storage... good.
*Captain planted three lilac bushes and three weeping willow trees for me in our side yard! Winger wondered aloud at the soundness of our thinking, since he remembers when we had to cut down the same number of weeping willow trees when we moved in. Return of privacy to our yard... good.
*Meggar drug invited Spencer to the Madrigal Dinner, a Shakespearean-style feast complete with wandering musicians, King & Queen, short play, and a concert performed by the Chamber Choir. She thinks he actually enjoyed dressing up and laughing at the courtly comedy, but he threatened her not to tell any fraternity brothers... good.

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