Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Suited Up

How fortunate that Kohl's sells church clothes. Since I always have a Kohl's coupon, that makes the price a little easier to swallow than the growth spurts of my three boys. Luckily only one son needed black slacks for tonight's concert. All three still had white shirts and white undershirts and black belts and black socks and black shoes that fit. (Their black socks are actually "church socks" and calf length since one of my pet peeves is seeing short/black/athletic socks peek out under black slacks.)
Quickly--Off to the concert. Winger had coaxed his brothers into wearing their purple ties as a show of support for K-State. They admittedly looked quite handsome. And the Choir sounded impressive with four-part harmony on three songs! Our homeschool choir has a higher level of participation than some recent years, and I enjoyed their Christmas music!

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