Saturday, November 3, 2012

Three Days in Chicago

Regretably, there is never much time for sight-seeing on a hockey weekend, so we focused instead on the food offerings while in Chicago for the Bauer World Invite. We ate the famous hotdogs at Portillo's with our teammates and sang "Happy Birthday to Austin," we sampled Chicago Deep Dish Pizza at Suparossa's, and we returned to the Mexican grocery store near the Bollingbrook rink to buy these authentic pastries and Mexican bottled sodas. Our family discovered this on-site bakery years ago, and we like to try something new every time. The bilingual cashier even gave us a flavored candy to sample the unique flavor of Tamarind (sweet chili pepper?!) plus we ordered a piece of chocololate Oreo torte for a  safe bet/dessert splurge.

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They look good.