Saturday, November 24, 2012

Catching Up at Week's End

My daughter was playing the piano (a Mozart-something) over Thanksgiving--seated between Aunt Kathy's famous album cover and Grandma's  St. Cecelia plaque.
Lori made homemade yogurt for me.  I made Pumpkin Latte Creamer (one for Meggar and one for me) off Pinterest.

I went on the Holiday Homes tour with Caroline and Brenda and 800 other people. We bumped into her Uncle Joe at lunch, and then scoured the estate sale at the Museum Hill Bed & Breakfast. Bought some china, some chairs, some books (the usual for me).

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Lesa said... jealous here. I have been scouring the local and not so local antique shops for a nice tea strainer (you know my online addiction surpasses my budget for them!) and the one in the picture looks lovely! Oh I miss antique stores with such items. Would have loved to have been with you on the homes tour too!